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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Resume Tips: How to Write a Good Resume

Image is everything when you’re a job seeker. In fact, your resume is a prospective employer’s first impression of you. This is especially true of anyone seeking job opportunities in a creative field like graphic design or media production, so it’s important to make that first impression count. Combine powerful content with a professional layout to get their attention and keep your resume from ending up in the slush pile.
Establish Your Personal Brand Early On
Remember that a resume is a scannable document that only gets 10-20 seconds to impress an employer; however, the beginning section is the part most likely to be read in detail. Go for maximum impact by starting off with a strong headline that supports the profession or industry you’re targeting.  Next, write a summary that clearly highlights the benefits of hiring you. Include core competencies employers in your field look for when hiring.  Finally, clearly list other important credentials such as career experience, education, awards, professional organizations and any other relevant information.
Share Tangible Results
All employers want to know one thing when searching for the right candidate to fill a vacant position: “How will hiring you benefit me?” Your resume has to answer that question. One way of achieving this is by listing achievements you have accomplished for each position. The achievements that stand out the most are ones that are in some way measurable. For example, a measurable key achievement on your resume might read, “increased revenue by 37%. “
Keep Things Uncluttered
Even when you’re seeking a creative job, your resume needs to be clean and uncluttered. Make sure margins and tabs are properly set. Keep the font style and size as consistent throughout the resume as possible. Use bold sparingly, and add white space to break up sections and keep things easy on the eyes. Shading, boxes and graphics are ways of increasing visual interest.
Create an Online Presence that Compliment Your Resume
In most cases, resumes are still the primary tool used to secure employment – even for creative professionals. It’s also important to recognized that more and more, employers are using Google and other search engines to learn about candidates before they are contacted for an interview. It’s a good idea to utilize social media sites like LinkedIn to build a professional profile. You can even link to your website or an online portfolio. You can include your LinkedIn web address on your resume hard copy, just as you include your email address or any other  contact information.

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