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Monday, June 22, 2015

4 Job Hunting Tips While You Are Employed

There comes a time when your current job is no longer appealing to you either because the salary is in adequate, or the schedule is just too crazy for you. Whatever the reason, job hunting while you are still employed is acceptable.
In fact, it is advisable to conduct a job search while you are still employed because it makes you sell better than when you are jobless.
Are you at that point in your career where you feel like you should change jobs? What is the right and wrong way to do it?
The following are tips on how to actively job search while you are still employed but avoid creating bad blood between you and your current employer.

How To Job search While Still Employed

1.Keep it Secret
If you want to keep your current job, it is wise to keep your job search a secret. Some companies have a policy to fire employees who are actively job seeking. Do not compromise the job that you have on another that is still uncertain.

2. Do not use company resources to job search
Being ambitious is one thing, but using company resources when job hunting is outright reckless. You may want to save on the money to go to a cyber cafe, but honestly, stop being cheap.
Job search on your own time away from the office and using your own resources. Be a smart job seeker.
While networking on professional social sites like LinkedIn, it is advisable to use your personal contact details not company contacts. Emails or phone calls made to the company are more likely to sell betray your intentions and may cost you your job.

3. Schedule interviews wisely
Whether you lie you are going to a doctor’s appointment or a meeting with a client,  interview scheduling should be done wisely. Always be cautious and ensure that the real purpose of your absence is not discovered by your employer. This could cost you your current job.
If you are used casual wears to work and then suddenly show up in in the morning in a suit, chances are that you will raise suspicion. Dress normally to work and make use of the washrooms to change for the interview.

4.Keep your work and job search separate.
Job searching is time consuming and tedious. Do not let your work be affected by using company time to work on job applications. This could affect the quality of your work and could divert unnecessary attention towards you.
Perform your job responsibilities fully and only when you leave work, you can start on the job search. The two should not be done hand in hand.

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