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Friday, June 19, 2015

3 Ways To Overcome The Job Search Misery

In the job search process, you will either be constantly frustrated for not getting to the interview stage or face rejections over and over. If you allow these frustrations to take control, stress start kicking in and then you start moving gradually to depression.
At this point you are in a state of misery and might be leaning towards giving up, but don’t allow yourself to accept defeat. You can refuse to be frustrated and instead choose to maintain confidence. You can kick the job search blues away if you will yourself to.

Here are 3 ways you can overcome challenges in your job search.

1. Avoid Isolation
The potential for feeling isolated and alone is the greatest roadblock any job-seeker can face. Getting out and about as much as possible is critical to your success. Since networking is the most direct route to your next position, you should be meeting people at every opportunity.
Try being active in professional associations and groups relevant to your line of work, Volunteer in a related field or try joining a job search group (these can be online, either in Linked In, Facebook or WhatsApp) where you can engage with other people in your situation.

2. Practice Proactive Stress Reduction

Plan ahead and determine the best methods you can use to make yourself feel better and relax after a tough day. Some of the methods that can work would be to identify close friends you can go to talk to or confide your frustrations to.
Another way to reduce stress is to complete a project where you will see a tangible result such as cleaning out a drawer, or rearranging your closet.
Also, if you can afford to take some time away, perhaps a weekend or a bit longer, do so during your search. Adding some real distance both emotionally and physically to an issue can provide renewed focus and energy. It will also improve your overall attitude.
3. Set Yourself Up for Success
If your skills aren’t current and competitive, it is difficult to feel good about your viability as a candidate. To be successful, you will need to sell yourself with confidence to potential employers. So, if you can afford it try taking a class to improve your qualification and skills.
The job search process is never easy, at least not for most, so try as much as you can to remain confident and energetic. You never know when it is your time.

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