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Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduating From Collage? The 4 Main Reason You Shouldn't Move Out of Your Parents House Just Yet

Let’s face it, the issue of moving out of your home after campus has always been debatable. Men over 25 years are expected by the society to move out of the nest. If you hit 30 and still under your parents roof, you are considered weird and a parasite. Secretly, most guys move out because of peer pressure and more so if they have girlfriends always asking, “Utahama lini?” The common trend is to move out after campus or not even go back to your mum’s house after you join campus if you are staying within the campus. I tend to differ. I would advise all men to stay with mummy and daddy until there are comfortable enough to move out or comfortable enough to die. Here’s why:
It’s the Economy, stupid.
We are living in tough economic times where jobs are hard to come by. There are thousands of unemployed graduates chasing the few available jobs. It is particularly hard if the economy is in the ‘troughs’ and recession. A trough is a period of stagnant economic growth. It mostly occurs between recession and growth.  During this time everything is competitive. Trust me, you don’t want to put yourself in competition for resources. You are better off job-hunting without worrying if the house has been locked by the landlord or whether you have enough money to go to the interview tomorrow. It’s better to stay safe with mama.

Mama knows best
You are the grown man today because of Mum. She knows best. She always has. Life after campus is tough. All the tarmacking and hustling isn’t fun. Mums have a way of navigating kids through these tough times. Your parents can offer advice and encouragement. You can also tap their network in getting a job. There is nothing wrong with getting a little help from your folks. After a long day of job-hunting, you can go back home to be comforted. If you moved out before getting a job, it’s nothing but stress.

The rebel always wins
History never lies. Rebels always win or at least end up as legends. The likes of Hannibal, Spartacus and the maji maji rebellion attest to this. People who do things differently than their peers always emerge as heroes.  So while you friends are moving out, stay at home and plan your life. Even when you get a job, you can still save up some cash for the Masters degree. Don’t succumb to pressure. It will be worth it.
While living at your parent’s house, you can hide behind the fact that you don’t have money so long as your parents have money. In future you will need a good wife and a good wife costs nowadays. You have to have some dough.  You can always ‘borrow’ your dad’s Range Rover from time to time to go and woo babes. You can also bring them home whenever your parents are away and claim that the house is yours.
By reading this, I hope you make a wise decision. The next time someone asks you ‘utahama lini?’ tell them you aren’t going anywhere. Personally, I moved out of my parents’ house in the first year of campus. So I am speaking from experience. Like I said, today’s world is very competitive and it’s sometimes wise to have an edge over the competition.
But the downside of staying with your parents is that you get accustomed to the comfort zone, laziness kicks in, and no matter how long you postpone moving out, you will eventually have to deal with issues the same way as the 22 year old that moved out years ago. So make your choice.
If you follow my advice, you will lag behind and hence competition will be reduced. By the time you move out, I will have built a mansion, sieved through all the hot babes and gotten a wife and live happily ever after. 

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