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About The Blog

My Sensible Cent is a blog meant to help prospective investors make sense of every cent they investment and also gives an in depth explanation on how anyone can manage the ever limited Financial resources. Whenever you get here always feel welcome, educate yourself and be free to ask any questions. Also feel free to add a comment in the comment section and/or share the blog.

About The Author
 Fentonce is a structural engineer by profession, an entrepreneur and an upcoming business man.  While Engineering is my profession, business has always been my passion. It is this passion which motivated me into writing business blogs.  I believe everything is business and to be successful in life you must learn how to turn each opportunity you get  into success. You are either making Millions or helping others make it at your expense.
When am not designing buildings or managing my business, I often create some time to blog. Writing is a hobby stemming back to my life in College when I used to be a freelance writer. 

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