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Friday, October 16, 2015

Kenya Based Company Fuzu Offers Lifeline to Job Seekers in All Sectors

Kenya based company, Fuzu has launched an internet based recruitment platform akin to Linkedin that is  intended to tap into  both the informal sector and the formal employment sector.
The platform, the first of its kind in Kenya, will offer diverse services. What sets Fuzu apart is its recruitment processed based on experience rather than the education biased system, meaning that there will be considerations on experience, skills, and talent.

LinkedIn steadily facing competition from players ranging from -Facebook for business- to small start-ups like LinkedIn for doctors, LinkedIn for teachers, and the like.

Fuzu automatically matches a job seeker open positions that fit their profile. Through Fuzu, all a job seeker need to do is send an online application, whenever they come across an interesting opening. Once, your application is received you become part of the selection process.

The employers will then have the chance to investigate individuals online and launch recruitment campaigns. Those eligible for employment will be connected to couching, mentorship, reasoning test and English language test.
Though the site cuts across all kinds of skills and employers, it will be the first to keenly consider talent and experience in connecting employees to employers.
A new report by the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Africa ranks Kenya as the country with the highest number of informal sector employment in Africa at 77.9 per cent.
The study attributes the high level of informal sector workers to inability of the formal sector to absorb the huge number of job seekers.
Fuzu is banking on the sector to grow its usage in the country. The site was launched simultaneously in Kenya and Finland with plans to move to Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi as it widens its footprints to the rest of the world.
Already, KONE Kenya, Craft Silicon, Techno Brain, Chase Bank, Equity Bank and M-Kopa are enrolled onto the platform.
Kenyans living abroad will also benefit from the recruitment site since they will scout for jobs in Kenya as they make plans to relocate.
Fuzu now join local recruitment firms Duma Works and Net Consult. However, the new entrant thoroughly profiles job seekers allowing no chance for upload of CVs.