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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Interview Answers: “Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?”

One of the most feared interview questions is; Why did you leave your last/current job? Most job seekers find this question a big challenge because the answers given can change how the interviewers sees you.
In Kenya, getting to the interview stage is hard enough, therefore you will not fancy missing chances at interview stage because you did not know how to go about a certain question. In this light, I would like to highlight how to answer this challenging question.

The Best way to answer; Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?

One thing you need to keep in mind when answering this question is not to lie. Sometimes (which is most cases) your prospective employer follows up with your previous company to find out why you left the job.
Whereas saying the truth is fundamental in answering this interview question, people leave their jobs because of different reasons and some can disadvantage you. It could be that you resigned because you didn't get along with your boss, or your salary was too small or maybe the new manager was too much on you or you were fired for one reason or the other.

Whatever the reason for leaving your past job, you will have to give a believable explanation if you really want the job.

You Resigned- How To answer; Why Did you resign your previous job

I realized I had learned almost everything in my position and was open to change. For this reason, I did not want to lose focus from my job so I decided it was best to leave and refocus on my career. I needed to find a job with more growth potential.
This portray you as serious job seeker who knows what he wants and is seeking the job as part of his well laid plan rather than being jobless.

You were fired - How to answer; Why were you fired;

“The way I envisioned my roles in the company and the overall direction of the organization was in contradiction to that of my line manager/boss. So, after a number of discussions, we mutually agreed that it would be best to part way with the organization.”
This answer is not a lie, it tells the interviewer that you were fired but also portrays you as someone who knows what he/she wants in his/her career and is willing to work for it.

However you decide to go about the reason you left your previous job question, make sure it does not open up grounds for many more questions from the recruiter. You do not want to say something you never intended.

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