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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Four Strategies To Find & Apply For Unadvertised Jobs

Contrary to the belief held by a majority of job hunters, the majority of jobs in the market are not advertised. This means that most of these job seekers miss out on jobs since they mainly depend on the newspaper, recruitment agencies and job listing sites.
Due to high cost of advertisement, most middle and small size companies don not advertise their job vacancy.
 Here is how to get and apply for that position you want but can't find that advertisement introducing its availability:

1. Target Search and Research.
First and foremost, it is important that you know your career goals and objectives. You just have to know what you want in a job. After that identify the company that you think you need to work with. Keep your options opened when it comes to the companies you would like to work with.
You can do this by creating a list of target companies, prioritized by what’s most important to you such as: size of the company, specific geographic area, type of product / services, industry, profit or nonprofit organization, reputation/company culture, and so on.

2. Networking.
With a most of Kenyan jobs going unadvertised, it is vital that you constantly network and keep all your old contacts. This can be done through their employees, companies they work in partnership with among others.
Through this, you will be kept in the know on any available positions that need to be filled and will even be recommended to through the contacts you made.

3. Attend Trade Fairs and Conferences.
The only way to meet a majority of employers and future bosses is through trade fairs. Information about these fairs are always in the press and the companies’ websites.
The fairs are not only limited to trade, but also career fairs that are mostly conducted in universities and attract potential employers and companies.

4. Follow-Ups.
When applying for a job position that has not been advertised for, it is up to you to follow-up with the employers on the progress of your application.
You can do this through occasional phone calls or via email. However, this should be done after a week or so.
Remember that since this position was not advertised, your application and CV should be tailored for that particular position and company.

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