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Friday, June 19, 2015

Finding a Secure Offshore Banking Account

While it can be difficult to search for an offshore financial institution, it is equally challenging to locate an offshore company that guarantees discretion and confidentiality. Ensuring that banking transactions are secure and confidential are the most important goals of an offshore banking company.

Favorable Territories

Some offshore companies within popular jurisdictions are subject to extreme laws that permit country officials to change government policies because of tax-related pressures. Countries such as Switzerland and Panama are two that often change their laws frequently because of such pressures. On the other hand, jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands or the Channel Islands have more favorable tax laws that not only permit institutions to provide confidentiality as an offshore banking solution, but also provide more liberal tax incentives for offshore clients.

Asset Protection

Offshore companies gradually continue to offer more options to allow customers to perform traditional banking activities such as wire transfers and online banking regardless of modifications to banking privacy laws. Although such laws can change without notice or consideration to the offshore consumer, finding and choosing the best offshore banking company that prides itself on maintaining privacy for its clients will far outweigh the impact of countries that modify their laws frequently.

Trust Options

Another offshore banking solution for clients is the offshore trust company. This type of banking product fulfills additional demands of clients who want complete privacy as they perform daily banking and trust transactions. For example, offshore companies are able to accept client deposits without having to reveal individual identities to third parties.


Opening an offshore account with the help of an offshore company will give you greater peace of mind and a refuge for your wealth in a private, secure place. Offshore companies offer a variety of short- and long-term options, depending upon the goals of their clients. Clients have the option of investing in tax-free stocks, commodities, and/or interest-bearing term deposits.

Offshore companies that offer asset management services and help to protect their clients’ wealth from litigation and questionable trust administrators provide the best incentives for future clients who want to see their assets grow without the heavy tax burden of some countries.

The most important thing to consider in searching and selecting the best offshore banking company is the policy against criminal actions and subsequent convictions. Most reputable offshore companies have a policy of non-tolerance for clients who are convicted of tax-related crimes within their home countries.

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