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Sunday, June 14, 2015

7 Of The Most Jobless Professionals In Kenya

Are you still searching for a job more than 2 years after your graduation? The frustration is unimaginable. Chances are, you specialized in the wrong course and you are now regretting your choice. Perhaps, you are thinking of pursuing another degree all together.
Not so fast, peruse the following list to ensure that you do not take another course that will leave you more frustrated than you initially were.

Below is a list of the professions with the most jobless graduates.

1. Mass Communication
Walk around and almost every jobless person you see will tell you they studied mass communication. They all want to work in one major media house or another. The field is so crowded and with media houses hiring mostly in-house, it is a wonder most mass communication graduates pursue other courses.

2. Political science
The Kenyan job market just isn’t ready political scientists. Most people don’t even know what a career in political science entails.That would explain the predicament that these professionals face in the job market.

3. Nutrition
Though the jobs in this field are available, they are very scarce. This is why most of the people who are nutrition professionals are still job seeking years on.

4. Music
In a country where Music is considered an extracurricular activity, a music career is almost obsolete. It is not considered a lucrative profession that requires much thought.Those who are lucky get teaching jobs, but for the rest,they tend to find other career paths.

5. Drama
In Kenya, there are those professions that are considered luxurious and those that are considered hobbies. Unfortunately,drama is one of the latter. This is why most of the drama graduates are still in the job market hustling for jobs.

6. Hospitality
This is another job market that is rather crowded. Hustling for years on end seems to be a trend in this profession as some are forced to start up small enterprises to make a living. At the moment, especially with the retrenchments that are taking place in this industry,these professionals have to remain jobless awhile longer.

7. Counseling
As lucrative as a career in counseling it, the available jobs are little to none at all. The graduates in this field will mostly for lack of jobs open up their own practices,but unfortunately this requires a lot of resources.
Go back to the drawing board and assess your career choice. It is wise to check the current job market before pursuing any courses.

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