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Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Reasons You Just Don't Have a Job Yet

Lack of employment is one frustrating thing graduates go through. Most people have predetermined limit when they intend to accomplish certain goals and this perhaps adds more more pressure leading to our desperation in our job search.

Statistics shows that in a graduating class, only 3 out of 10 graduands get jobs within a short time after graduation.
Many reasons contributes to this endless job seeking menace in the country. While the 30 percent gets jobs early, some graduates have stayed for several years without a job. Some may have given up but many still soldier on.

The following are some of the reasons you could still be waiting in line for your first job.

1. Poor CV:
The CV is the number one tool to  sell you out to your potential employers. Your CV should be structured in such a way to highlight your skills and entice that employer into hiring you.

2. Applying for the wrong Jobs
You may be applying for jobs you do not qualify. This will disqualify you during the initial recruitment stages, you may not even make it to the shortlist.
Apply for jobs that match your skill sets and experience in order to have that edge over your peers.

3. Wrong Attitude:
"Your attitude determines your altitude" is what were told in school. This cliche`e is as applicable to job as is to your career. Steer away from the your mind away from this attitude of “there are no job vacancies in Kenya”. If this is the attitude you will want to take carry with you while job searching, it will surely drain you.
Stay positive even when every odd is against you. This will boost your confidence and determination.

4. Lack of Focus 
If you don`t know where you are going then you won`t end anywhere. Having a goal in your job search and staying focused in achieving this goal will definitely boost your chances of landing that job fast. This may come to narrowing down that extensive job search list and going for specifics. When you can clearly picture what you want, it will be easier to chase down that particular dream. Don't be searching for any job... go for a specific position.

5. Lack of Market Skills
Having that degree alone is not enough. Most employers are looking graduates with practical skills applicable in the market. Internships and volunteering  are excellent ways to bridge this gap and gain these needed skills. Instead of just sitting home frustrated about lack of jobs, do some internships.
If you can't get that internship, perhaps you should think of volunteering. This goes a long way in helping you build skill set that will put you ahead of other job seekers out there.
Landing a job may be hard, and hectic, but try changing the outlook on things. Adjust your job search technique and see how far it will take you.

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