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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5 Things You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

When attending an interview, the interviewee's main objective is to impress the recruiters. However, in trying to achieve this, candidates sometimes get carried away and end up giving responses that only ruin their chances of securing the job

Below are some of the responses should never give in an interview.

1. What do you do here?
This question, if asked by the interviewee, portrays him or her as ignorant and not having no  prior knowledge on the background of the company.
Background checks forms the basis when one is preparing for interviews. Surely you shouldn't express all that interest in a company you don't even know what they are dealing in.You should never walk into an interview not knowing about the position you are applying for or the company. You want to come forward as excited and focused to work with the company.

2. I Did Not Get Along With My Boss.

Yeah, right, things didn't work out with your previous employer. You are not alone, in most cases it doesn't. You might want to be honest in the interview but please keep this to yourself. Under no circumstance should you speak ill of your previous employer. This might make the recruiter think that you are the one who is difficult to work with.

3. I Will do Anything.

Apply for a specific role at each company, and be ready to explain why it’s exactly what you’re looking for and you should be given that role.
You don’t want to come out as being desperate and not focused. Most hiring managers are looking for people who are very passionate about the role they’re taking on. So when you give an open request, it only shows lack of passion.

4. Check it On My CV.
When an interviewer asks anything even if already covered in your CV, he/she wants you to expound beyond a written word.
The main purpose of the interview is to gauge how well you can express yourself, therefore any question asked seeks to test or gauge a particular skill. Communication skills, confidence, and honesty are some of the things interviewers gauge.
How you express yourself is key to whether you get that job or not. Your CV has done its part and landed you that interview. The remaining is up to you.

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