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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why Medical Cover Should be Your Top Priority this Year

Are you a healthy person who rarely
gets sick? Do you even need health insurance coverage? Those who seldom become ill are fortunate but things could change in the future. You just never know when your luck could change and your health could take a turn for the worst. To be prepared for anything that could happen, having insurance is wise. You can never be too careful when it comes to your well- being.  Moreover, it is not financially wise to depend entirely on the government backed NHIF. The last time I checked, NHIF were only paying for inpatient services (for those not in civil service) and maternity delivery charges (which is free in Government hospitals). This enterly leaves outpatient services, which account for the huge part of medical services requirements, for your pockets.

If you hurt yourself or develop a serious medical condition, you could rack up debts at an alarming rate. A broken leg could cost you a few thousand shillings and even a short hospital stay could see the charges into hundreds of thousands thousands. To prevent cringing at the total cost of treatment when you are presented with the bill, invest in a health insurance policy. It will protect you from unexpected medical charges that could potentially bankrupt you.

Many health plans also protect you from potential financial ruin because they limit the out-of-pocket expenses that you are expected to pay.

If you require medical care and you do not have coverage, you will have to pay for the services you receive (100 percent of them). Even if you earn a good income, that can be hard on your bank account. For those who purchase policies, insurance providers negotiate lower rates with hospitals, physicians, and specialists. This means that as a policy holder, you are not responsible for the total cost of medical treatment, but only for partial payment.
Protecting your health and doing everything you can to remain healthy should be a top priority this 2014. Those who have health insurance are more inclined to visit their doctors for preventative care and for the treatment of smaller issues such as infections.

By seeing a physician for routine
check-ups, smaller problems can be detected before they have the opportunity to turn into more serious conditions that require lengthy and costly treatments.
Getting the care you require when you need it goes a long way in improving your overall level of health. There is peace of mind and confidence in knowing that if you feel sick or if something is not right with your body, you can book an appointment with your physician or go to the emergency room immediately.

Studies have shown that individuals who have health insurance coverage are less likely to drink and smoke. They are also more likely to eat healthier and to engage in physical activity on a regular basis, in comparison to those who are not covered.

You have more options for your medical needs when you opt to get insured. As a policy holder, you have access to a wider array of health care resources. In other words, the network of physicians, specialists, and medical facilities you have to pick from is much
greater than if you do not have any insurance at all. The services and treatments available to you may also be of a wider and more varied nature if you arm yourself with insurance that protects your health.

Health insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your wallet.

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