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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Making Money Online by Writing Articles

Writing articles for websites is not only highly profitable but enjoyable if you like writing. Although many site owners can write, their time is better served elsewhere so they hire others to do it for them.
Why Are Articles So in Demand?
Quite simple, the more content an
owner has on their site the more traffic they will attract. Let's face it, the more traffic, the more sales and that leads to more income!
I'm Interested But I've Never Written for Others Before:
Even if you are new to freelance writing or have never even tried it
before, you could build a nice income rather quickly by developing your writing skills.
Let's take a look at article writing, understanding keywords developing a fast but unique writing style and writing article packages.
Keywords  Speak Volumes Online:
Some say content is king, well then
what are keywords when it comes to the Internet? Actually, content and keywords can very well be one and the same. Keywords drive traffic to sites, without keywords your wonderful article will be read by none! Keywords are usually more than one word and pretty much in the form a searcher would put into a search engines looking for information. More often than not, your client will provide you with keywords he or she want you to use in the article. That said, keep one thing in mind, never over use keywords. Overkill is almost
as deadly as using no keywords at all.
If an article is too loaded with keywords, search engines will look at these articles as spam. Your articles must always run smoothly and sound natural, you will know if you are overdoing it because your sentences will sound phony or stiff.
Can You Write Quickly and Efficiently:
Obviously, the faster you can write
articles, the more income you will earn. Developing your own
style will help you pick up the pace as you develop your skills. Starting off you are not going to be clipping off a ton of articles a week. Learn your own writing skills and style, find techniques that work best for you and you will eventually have the entire process mastered.
Some ideas for Creating a writing style
Some writers will create short outlines of approximately 6 to 8 lines for possibly 10 articles at a time. Creating some interesting titles that will cover those 10 articles as well, will help you save some valuable time. Keep in mind, you want each article to have unique content. It's important to your clients and it's important to search engines.
There are various free softwares online that allow you to check the uniqueness of your articles. It's usually advised to have a rating of 92% and up for passable content.
Find a place that works well for you
when writing. Some writers prefer the peace and quite of their backyards while others like working from a coffee shop. Others prefer to listen to acertain style of music for the creative juices to flow.
Play around with it until you find what works best for you.
Writing  Article Packages:
Writing article packages is a niche on its own. If you choose this avenue, you will need to find a certain theme collection of keywords to base your articles on. Fortunately, there are tons of keyword tools online to help you
build your collection(s).
Many article writers turn to out sourcing freelance sites and bid on any article writing project that is available. The downside to this is
bidders are trying to outdo each other by pricing projects low. Unfortunately, your overall income could suffer quite a lot if you rely on these sites.
Your best bet is to sell your article
packages on your own site. Write
anywhere from 10 to 20 articles on
popular subjects/keywords such as
dieting, dating, pet health, etc.
Buyers love well written, instant articles!
Instead of waiting for you to write a particular article, you have exactly what they are looking for and it's ready to roll!
Once you have started putting together packages, start promoting your website and yourself as Web Content Seller that provides custom written articles for purchase.
In a Nutshell:
If you enjoy writing, writing articles for others can be a wonderful home business opportunity. Unlike some startup home businesses, you can be up and running with a great deal of success in a very short period of time!
By following some of these suggestions and doing a little research (especially if this is new to you) you will be able to have a very lucrative home business that you truly love doing!

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