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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Only Two Investment Option to Get Rich in Kenya

Everybody wants to be rich: a robber, teacher, engineer, idler, politician etc. The only difference is the method we choose to accomplish this universal dream.

Before we embark on the two investment methods of getting rich in Kenya, let us all appreciate that everybody wants to be rich and that human beings are naturally selfish. With that in mind, it follows that nobody will help you to be rich - you have to work hard and smart to be wealthy.

In Kenya, right from nursery school to campus you are prepared by your tuitors to be employed by somebody. You were taught to be smart (atleast in your school uniform), to be an early riser, to be disciplined and show utter respect to those in authority. When you pass high school with flying colours, you are invited to the University to study law, medicine and engineering. While here, they don't teach you how to start your own lawfirm, how to open and run a medical clinic or how to build an archictural firm. They teach you how to be servants, how to take instructions from your bosses and turn them into results. Your masters are the government (if you are lucky) or a mix of enterprenuers at Industrial area or upperhill.

While the instructions you received in school are enough to put milk and bread on your table, employment is never going to make you wealthy. The only two investment areas which will put real money in your pocket are entreprenuership and politics. Look the world over for the very wealthy individuals and you will agree with me. From Billgates of Microsft, Richard Brandson of Virgin Atlantic, Uhuru Kenyatta, the late Kirima, the Odinga family, Charles Njonjo, Kenneth Matiba, Daniel Arap Moi, Nicholas Biwot, Moody Awori, the list is endless.

Entreprenuership: this is one important area rarely taught in our schools. When they hint at it is a little too late. It is not uncommon to hear our leaders make speeches,  during graduation, advising young graduants not to expect jobs out there instead go and creat jobs. This is a fellow who has been, for the past 20 years, prepared psychologically to be employed and then you change the tune the last day. Seriously?
All the challenges not withstanding, entreprenuership is a very easy means to get rich. It only requires that you be conversant with the needs of your society and then devising away of supplying them at a cost. You do not have to be in Nairobi to succeed, you can identify a problem in your village, solve it, and the villagers will always reward you with cash. The key pillars of entrepreurship are problem (which are all over Kenya), Solution (which is where you come in) and reward (which will depend on the society's ability and willingness to pay for the product/service).
Hint: There are 30,000 digital tv setboxes in the country today. Nairobi alone has over 2,0000,000 (2 million) viewers. Do the math, get the difference and see what you can do with it before the new Febraury 2014 switchoff date.

Politics: politics, especially in Africa, is a lucrative business. All you need is a loud voice, a group of youthful campaigners, and four to five harambees to prove your willingness to 'serve' the society. Going by the hefty pay our MPs, senetors and county assembly representatives get, you will be rich within the first 5 year and a re-election campaign will not be neccessary. Couple this with their unethical ways of winning tenders for services they can't provide and supply of goods they can't distinguish, politics automatically qualify you as an entreprenuer and that comes with financial reward. Corruption and looting of public coffers have enlarged the bellies of most African politician.
So, how can you make money here? The money is seasonal, so you will have to wait until 2017 or put your ears out for any bi-election in your county. Meanwhile, you can start investing in harambees to start popularising yourself.

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