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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finding Legitimate Online Business Opportunities in Kenya

The internet today is home to numerous scam as well as legitimate online business opportunities. So, if you are looking for legitimate online business opportunities in Kenya, there are some tricks you can use to ascertain the legitimacy of the site.

How To Ascertain the Opportunity is Legitimate 

  1. When the deal look too good think twice. It is unrealistic that you can make a whopping ksh.500,000 in your first two weeks or a month, in a business you have no prior experience in. Any site trying to woo you with such enormous earning is possibly a scam.
  2. Search the website to see if it has any contacts like phone numbers, email address, and most importantly a physical address. Try sending a message to this email address expressing your interest in the business.
  3. Search for the logo of the business from reputable bodies on the internet like, Alexa Ranking and Better Business Bureau. Click on this logo to get more information about the company.
  4. Check if the site offers any guarantee or free trial for some period. Also check if they offer any training, as this is vital if you are new to internet marketing.
  5. You may also sign up for their free newsletter to help you understand the company and also connect you to your referrer.

It is always to your own advantage to invest time on studying these opportunities before parting with your hard earned cash.

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