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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Three Tips on How to Land a Job Fast in Kenya

For most job seekers in Kenya, chancws of landing that much needed job are slim.

Many young Kenyans have invested their, money, time and energy in education but are yet to reap the benefits. The streets of Nairobi are littered with graduates trecking from office to office droping their resumes hoping to get their dream job.

The reality is that  the Kenyan job market has little to offer to the majority of job seekers. To start off, not all job seeker went to the big school which most employers would like hiring from and worse still, most job hunters do not have godfather connections in the industry they  want to work in.

So how can you manage it? How does one make that journey from the jobless corner to the office corridors? Is it possible to land a job in Kenya within your first year of graduation?

The answer is a big YES. You can land your dream job straight from Campus.

Is it luck? True, some people clear school and within a few months they already have a good job.. so yeah, luck may play a part here.

But, you know what? it takes more action, determination, hard work, and willpower, than anything else. Luck, remember, only comes to people who do not put it in their plans. So, don’t join the spring of entitlement where most youth tend to think the world owe them something  ..…you really want something…you gota work for it.

Here are THREE tips on how to land more job interviews in Kenya and hopefully land that dream job.

1.Job Search is in itself a Job and should be treated so. I know you've heard  this phrase a dozen times ‘Kutafuta kazi ni kazi’. (Looking for a job is a job). What you need to do is set a time DAILY to focus on your job hunt. The early morning hours are particularly the best because you are fresh then but if that doesn’t work for you, go for afternoon or evening and dedicate it to your job hunting process. Make job search a habit.

Sacrifice and direct all your effort consistently on the one thing you want, a job. Browse the numerous job sites such as,, Brighter Monday, Joblink Kenya etc. Subscribe to their job alert emails. Peruse through the dailies and see if there are job vacancies you qualify and apply.

If you dedicate a time daily, you will not miss an opening since you are always looking. Keep looking until you find it. Don’t be that guy who sees and applies for a job month after it was advertised, expectung to get the job.

Rely on your contacts too. Someone somewhere may know of a vaccancy. Open your eyes and ears wide enough to make sure you do not miss any opportunity. Check back the places you did your internship, network online, follow companies you are interested in on twitter, facebook and linkedin, Check back and connect with alumni and former collegues.

And if you are a serious job seeker whom you say you are, then you should know almost all recruitment agencies, in Kenya, who are hired by several firms to recruit for them. Stanza Solutions, Corporate Staffing, are just but two of them. It’s your duty to check their websites DAILY for any vacancies for which you are qualified.

2.Focus on volume and Relevancy. Apply to as many jobs as possible. Applying for two jobs in a span of three months is not going to help boost your odds of landing a job.

But in as much as you strive to put a large number of job applications out there, be sure to be applying for positions which you are qualified and are relevant to you. Otherwise this method will simply backfire on you.

3. Pray: Most people will forget to tell you this, but always remember to put God first in all you do. He knows you need a good job so put it in His hands. You will be amazed by His deeds.

And while you are job-seeking, make sure you have  your tools ready…what do I mean? Copies of your testimonies - both softcopy and harfcopy, a well written CV accompanied by a perfect cover letter.

Good luck in your job search.

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