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Monday, May 27, 2013

Buying Legitimate Turnkey Websites - How to Evade Scam

Purchasing a turnkey website can be an ideal short-cut to starting an online business. You do not have to pay a graphic designer or design the complex graphics yourself, content is generally built-in and with some few changes you will easily come up with a perfect and original website for your business. This can be very attractive alternative to studying website design and then using the design software to build your website from scratch.

However, it is sometimes a challenge identifying legit turnkey websites. To evade scam and ensure that you the best deal when buying turnkey websites, there are some key points to checkout:
1.    Check the reputation of the website claiming to sell legit Turnkey websites
2.    Does the seller limit the number of each website offered for sale?
3.    Is the domain name provided by the seller?
4.    Seller Support
5.    Is the seller providing hosting?
6.    Are the claims realistic?
Check the reputation of the website claiming to sell legit Turnkey Websites
To start with, make sure the site from which you intend to buy the turnkey website allows feedbacks and testimonials. Check what previous buyers say about them. It is usually expected that they will be very honest on what they purchased. Also check online reviews of the turnkey website.
Does the seller limit the number of each website offered for sale?
This is significant. If there are thousands of sites similar to yours out there, do not be cheated that yours will easily stand out.
Altering the content and graphics on your site will make it unique and help it stand out. However, there must be a limit to the number of each turnkey website, to make your work easier. When deciding on where to purchase your legit turnkey website, ensure the seller has a limit to the number of each site they offer for sale.

Some sites claim to sell legit turnkey websites; however, they offer for sale thousands of the same sites. This greatly reduces the chances of your site topping the search engines and of it getting a lot of visitors. If the provider has a limit to the sale of each website you should consider it better.
Is the domain name provided by the seller?
Are you supposed to choose your own domain or it comes with the website? At times the domain name provided by the seller is not suitable. In such cases, you will need to provide a personalized domain name. Acquiring a domain name is not that difficult, you only need to enquire from the domain name providers if they the name you want is available for sale. After buying the domain name your only task will be to redirect it.

Legit turnkey website sellers will provide the domain name together with the cost of the website and allow the buyer to choose it.
Are the claims realistic?
Site selling legit turnkey websites will never make claims which are unrealistic about the potential of the sites they are selling. Whether bought from a turnkey websites or started from scratch, sites usually make some good money with time. Therefore claims of making up to or over $10,000 per month initially are simply false.

Always steer clear of sellers making unrealistic claims about their products. A legitimate turnkey website seller recognizes that it takes some time for any site to build and succeed.
Seller Support
When setting up the new website, is there any support offered by the seller? This is usually in the form of online videos, pdfs, or support via email. Some type of support is necessary and most legit turnkey website providers will give this.

Is the seller providing hosting?
Websites are usually hosted in the servers of some hosting company who always charge for these services. A legit turnkey website provider, who provide hosting, usually charge reasonable fee for this service.
However, not all legit turnkey websites come with hosting. This sometimes to your advantage as it leaves gives the option to look for a better hosting deal elsewhere.
Consider all these points before splashing your money into purchasing a turnkey website.

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