Wednesday, May 8, 2013


If you are a football fun you definitely knows who Sir Alex Ferguson (SAF) is and even if you are not you don't stand a chance to be pardoned for not knowing the gaffer. For those of us who do not have the slightest idea who Ferguson is, he is the current coach of Manchester United Football club, the 20 times English Premier League champions. The tactician has seen it right to call it a day at the end of the 2012/2013 season after 26 years in charge of the newly crowned EPL champions.
Ferguson's reign at United has seen him win numerous titles and trophies which has even made him the most successful coach in the English Premier League. To stay at one club for a whole 26 years is itself an unraveled achievement given the rate at which coaches are being sacked from their teams in recent past.
Here are some lessons you may learn through from SAF's 26 years at United:
1. Be good at whatever you are doing: Ferguson did not just became successful as a gift of manner from heaven. He worked both harder and smarter for it. Winning a treble  and being given the prestigious tittle, sir. Winning 13 EPL Tittles, 5 FA Cups, 4 League cups, 2 Champions leagues and 1 Club World Cup; requires the smartest of all brains. Always be good at what you are doing and success will follow.
2. Patience pays: Ferguson's life at Manchester united did not start smoothly. His first game was a defeat followed by a barren draw. The first season wasn't good either, with United finishing 11th -though an improvement from the previous 21st position. It took Sir Alex six years to win his first trophy for United and one more year to win them the League. Looking at the 38 trophies and 13 League tittles, you can say that the managers of  Manchester Utd were right not to sack the gaffer during his first 6 years trophy drought. And SAF 's patience with his team finally paid off.
3. Discipline and Professionalism are Key to Success: Sir Alex Ferguson's main worry when taking over at United was the drunkenness of his to be players. However, the soon to retire coach knew what was needed in the team - Discipline  and he didn't tire until he got it. Ferguson will always be remebered as the no nonsense manager who never tolerated indiscipline even from his star players. Rooney, Cantona, Ince, Beckham, Anderson and Christiano Ronaldo are living testimony. Ferguson also handled his job with a lot of professionalism and related well with his players, staff, club's directors, funs and other managers. To succeed, you must promote discipline and professionalism in your company. Good relation with your boss and your juniors is key to success.
These three are important lessons we can learn from Sir Alex Ferguson's tenure at United and as he plans to retire at the end of the current season, I wish him and the entire Manchester United family all the best. You are a true mentor and a champion. We will miss you SAF.

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