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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

iWriter for Freelance Writers Review

If you are a freelancer then you must be aware of The relatively new site has taken over freelance writing by a storm. To describe iwriter as an article writer’s paradise is an understatement. If you have established writing skills or is new to the freelance writing world then iwriter is the best place for you.

I may go on and on enticing you on the importance of iwriter, but again, not everybody succeeds with iwriter. As writer and requester with, I am writing this review outlining my experience with iwrtier. or simply iWriter is a website for professional freelance writers and article requesters, which reveals itself as one of the best online.
What makes iWriter Unique?
 Iwriter works a bit different from other freelance sites. For instance, it is only at that you can sign up and immediately start writing, without submitting a sample article or undergoing any skill test – You get the chance to show the requesters what you got to offer. From the job board, you are free to choose a job in a category you like and from any requester, provided you meet the minimum rating for the job category. Your success in iWriter is highly dependent on your ability. Upon submission of your finished work, the requester is given the opportunity to rate your work depending on how you have satisfied his/her needs. Therefore, be keen on the quality of articles you submit for they will affect your rating and dictate the writing level you attain and how much you take home per article.
How does iWriter ratings work?
It doesn’t matter what your past freelancing experience is, at iwriter, you build your reputation anew. The requester rates your work on a scale of 1 to 5 depending on how satisfied they are, their mood and article quality. You may not have absolute control over the requester’s mood; however, the quality of work and requester satisfaction is up to you. High quality articles addressing all the requester’s needs will definitely earn you a 5 star. Irrelevant, poorly written articles will absolutely give you a rating of 1.0.
When you sign up for, you have a star rating of 1.0 and are grouped as standard writer. As you write more articles, your rating will increase or reduce depending on the quality articles you write - Your success is dictated by your ability. To proceed to the next level, Premium writer, you must have written at least 30 articles and attained an average rating of 4.0 and above. This will leave experienced writers scratching their heads. However, this is a quality control by It takes time and determination to rise through the ranks. Fortunately, you can jump straight to an Elite writer provided you have attained a mean rating of at least 4.6 after 30 ratings. It sounds pretty easy. Doesn’t it? Wait until you try it out.
iWriter Earnings
For writers, your earning per article is dependent on your rank (standard, premium or elite writer); number of words needed in that particular article; and to some extent, the requester’s generosity like giving a tip. The standard writing pay per article is as listed below:
§  150 words – $1.01
§  300 words – $1.62
§  500 words – $2.24
§  700 words – $4.05
§  1000 words – $6.07
Premium writers
§  150 words – $1.62
§  300 words -  $3.24
§  500 words – $4.05
§  700 words – $5.27
§  1000 words – $8.10
§  150 words – $3.50
§  300 words – $5.67
§  500 words – $8.10
§  700 words – $10.13
§  1000 words – $14.99
Depending on your relationship with the requester, you can receive an assignment directly from him/her. The good thing about special request is that they pay well and gives a good rating since your relationship between you and the requester is good. For instance, I repeatedly get a 5 star rating from a requester for whom iWrite game reviews.
If you already are a freelancer with a copyscape subscription account, you may as well stop your subscription. Iwriter automatically runs copyscape on their site for free. This is good news to those who understand how copyscape works and its importance in the article writing world. For beginners, copyscape is a plagiarism checker capable of detecting article phrases copied from the web. Whenever this is detected, the software colours the affected phrases in yellow and inform you to look into them. Be caught 3 consecutive times and your account is deactivated.
Limitations of
Despite all the good news about iwriter, be sure to meet some challenges which will disadvantage you as a writer. Your rating and there your ascent in iwriter depends on the quality of articles you write but to some extent, the requester.  For example
Bias or cruel requesters: you may write a quality article based on your own understanding of the requester’s need. However, sometimes you get it wrong, may be because the requester didn’t comprehensively describe what article he/she needs or your fault in understanding. The result for such mistakes is your article being rejected with an annoying rating of 1.0, if the requester is that bad.
Remedy: You have the will to choose who to write for, therefore such requesters may top your list of the most feared clients on iwriter. Alternatively, it is alwayd good to use the “”contact requester” option provided by iwriter to get more highlights on the requester’s needs.
Short time for research: You should write a 150 and 400 word article within two hours, 500  word article attracts 3 hours writing time and 700 words and above attracts 5 hours. This may seem a lot of time, however, if the project is complicated and requires in-depth  research, you may not have the pleasure to do it. In case “unforeseen circumstances” like power failure, loss in internet connectivity; your project will delay and despite the effort put, you earn zero dollars.
Remedy: I love long articles (500 words and above) as they give me adequate time for research.
If you have the skill and passion for freelance writing then iwriter will the best place to try it out and earn some good cash. If you are a good writer you will have an easy time up the iwriter ladder. This is because many articles will be approved and you will keep rising through the ranks. If you are below average, iwriter will be a nightmare and you will easily quit due to many rejections and you will never get out of the standard ranking. Therefore, please do not start writing if you know for sure that your writing is below average.
You may forget this long iwriter review article, but remember these three points:
1.      Aim to be an elite writer.
2.      Aim for special request

For requesters, look forward to an in-depth review of iwriter for requesters and learn how you can get quality articles at an unbeatable price. In the meantime, you can sign up to iwriter and request for quality articles or sign up as an iwriter freelancer and start making those dollars.


  1. I think the author made a slight mistake on the writing time allocated to writers.
    For 150-400 words you receive 2 hours time span to complete.
    For 500 words you get 3 hours.
    For 700-1000 even 2000 words you get 5 Hours to complete.
    I feel iwriter gives you sufficient amount of time, provided you know the tips to Google on any topic, to write a article. I have personally never felt the need for extra time for writing 1000 word articles (I have to try 2000 words but never got to it).
    Similarly iwriter allows you to respond to your client's rating which can give you a platform to defend whatever you wrote. And personally i had a great experience with's requesters and have seldom faced a situation wherein a requester gives me a 1 star rating for no particular reason.

  2. Yes, I believe it so too Rohit. You can depend or accept any feedbacks thrown at you, as long as, you know your writing skills and capabilities. Receiving 1 star would hurt your account, but this does not mean that it is the end. Nevertheless, you can still raise your ratings just by choosing those topics that have a higher approval rate.

  3. I think the best thing about iwriter is they still provide their writers 81% of the price for every article and the other percent goes to pay pal transaction fees and copy scape checks. Not bad compared to other online article writing sites!

  4. If a 150 word article is expected to take about an hour, then, an "elite" writer is being paid under half the minimum wage. Who accepts that?

  5. Nice article, I also like Constant Content, Textbroker and They are also great