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Monday, May 13, 2013

Dr. Chris Hart's Secrets Of Effective Job Search & Networking

The job market today is competitive - very competitive, as a single job adverts will get about 500 applicants. The employer is looking for the best value when hiring. Only the ideal candidates who will solve their problems, make them money, and be a valuable asset to their team gets the job. 

Therefore, every time you apply for a job you have the chance to be a standout, a star, or at least a unique individual with a string of talents that may be a great match for the employer’s needs. In a Career Seminar organised by Corporate Staffing Services on Saturday 4th May 2013, Dr Chris 
Hart talked about the Job Search Process and networking effectively during the  search.

Getting a job is a process and according to Chris Hart, ‘you need to plan your job search 3 years ahead as a fresh graduate.’ Being involved in as many organisations as possible helps you gain experience which will be a great asset to your job search once you are through with campus. You can either volunteer or get an internship to various organisations.
Dr. Chris Hart Addressing the audience at a Career Seminar
Job Search requires you start early enough and be patient as the success rate according to Chris is 1%. Therefore, job seekers should at least apply for jobs in 100 organisations every year.

“The easiest way to get a job is through connections or networking that accounts for 99% of successful jobs search.” Chris adds. Therefore, you must know people in the company you are applying for a job. We all laugh when Chris adds that; “you must know the company in and out including who is sleeping with the boss. Then get a connection to the employees till you can freely ask ‘if it’s true that the boss sleeps with so and so.”

Chris echoes something that is not new to us, “that before a job is advertised it has already being assigned to someone.” The Human Resource manger will first utilize her networks and those of other employees in the company to recommend someone for a vacant position in a company. This is normal because you tend to believe someone who you know or a friend knows, rather than bringing in a total stranger. 

Once in the job market, you must prepare for the next level in your career. Your current job should prepare you for the next job. Chris says that, “a job is not for life but for 2 years and anybody working for an organisation for more than 5 years is a waste.” Therefore as a job seeker, you should never work for a company for too long. He however is quick to add that you should never quit a job before getting another one.

While working you need to be active in your search. Do not apply to one company then wait. Instead, simplify your work so that you get time to network. For example try to get people to work for you by sharing some of your work. Try to form relationships with your networks. Have a connection with them and let them learn to trust you since they can only refer you if they trust you.

“Job seekers must hone their ability to spot opportunities and turn them real.” Chris affirms this when he says that, “there is a big difference between the way people spot opportunities and the way they respond to them.” Just like in business, always learn to change an idea to reality.  He explains this using an example of having a solution for a problem for ABC Company, plan to meet people who work there, learn about than and let them know your interest in working for them as well as how you can help them. Show them your value addition to the company. 

“We must develop social skills for social conversations” 
adds Chris. Effective networking is a skill that every job seeker should strive to acquire especially the "u
se of interrogative in person comment." For example, you can start a conversation by telling someone, "You are very smart," with a smile on your face. While networking, you need to be noticed and memorable. How many times have you attended a function or even a meeting and talked in a memorable way where everyone remembers your contribution.  

We all burst into laughter when Chris demonstrates how you should approach a CEO you have never talked to before in an event. " You need to wait for the cocktail and as you enjoy your drinks keep eying him probably from a next table as you sip your wine. When his glass is over, quickly go and greet him by name as you pick his glass asking him if he would like more wine. Say Mr Wonderful can I serve you more wine?" This will make him want to know you more as his mind wonder "who is this who wants to serve me?" There you got it, a beginning of your coversation.

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