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Monday, July 23, 2012

Begin Your Journey to Financial Prosperity Now

The second half of the year is underway. Sometimes back, at the beginning of this year, we must have made some resolution for the various features of our lives. I know some of those resolutions include financial objectives, including growing our business, getting a new job, earning more money, getting out of debt, more aggressive investments, etc.
Only half of this year remains, and you may be wondering just what happened to those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. If you don’t change anything, then you’re going to continue making these same resolutions next year and subsequent years. If we were to be honest with ourselves, we will unanimously agree that the main reason why we have not met our financial resolutions this year is because we are still waiting for money to start as off.
In other words, we are waiting to have money so as to be able to make money! All those promises we made to ourselves – investing more, reducing our debt burden, expanding our business etc – depend on this. We often believe that money solve all our problems and no doubt, place us in a prime position to realize our objectives.
This is no different from a tomato farmer patiently waiting for her yet-to-be planted tomatoes to give before she can start planting tomatoes! It is quite absurd, have never met anybody who has achieved their financial goals by waiting to get enough money first.
Are You Stuck?
At various points of our lives we find ourselves in a financial limbo, that point where nothing goes according to plan, you just can’t progress and the only feeling you got is that of being stuck.
Most of us consciously opt to stay in this limbo by doing nothing, refusing to change their lifestyle, brushing away the real challenges facing our finances or business and what we do is keep ‘yelling’ on how broke we are. This change nothing leads to a vicious cycle of having the same problems over and over and making the same resolutions now and again.
If you are going to make a difference in this second half of the year and even lay a platform for an even better year next year, you will have to change something! That change must be effected today and does not start by getting that money immediately.
There is only one thing you can (and for that matter should) do at this point: make your way out of this limbo.
What Actions can you Take?
It may be necessary to trim down your expenses so you can free up some money to pay those debts faster, take an investment course while waiting for that well paying job, you will learn and know what to do with the money when it finally comes.
It may require that you have your business profile done by a professional so as to ready yourself for any opportunity which pops up.
You may even re-structure your investment groups to make it more investment friendly. Make good use of your networks or think of how to turn your weekend hobby into an income generating activity.
The journey to your financial dream begins with that single step and therefore, you must begin where you are currently. The financial prosperity comes slowly, one step at a time, but surely you have to start doing something. You need to plant tomatoes, clear the bush, tilt your land and collect the seeds. The earlier you do it the better. Any delay in taking action only result in your financial dream getting further!

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